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          2. MedicalChem(Yancheng)Manuf.Co.,Ltd.
            Malonic acid series
            Cinnamic acid series
            Propionic acid series
            1-Indanone series
            Aminopyrimidine series
            2-Aminobenzoic acid series
            Isatin, Isatoic anhydride series

            Contact:   Suogeng Yu
            Tel:nbsp; +86-515-84383180
                              (Foreign trade department)
            M.P.: +86-13806119530
            Fax: +86-515-84383182
            E-mail: sales@medicalchem.com

            MedicalChem(Yancheng)Manuf.Co.,Ltd lies in the Seaside Chemical Industrial Area of Yancheng City Jiangsu Province which is alongside the Yellow Sea .The enrolled capital of the company is RMB3500 thousand .The enterprise covers an area of over 40 thousand Square Meter .With over 100 staff, and more than 20% of them own a diploma above Junior College.
            The enterprise is specialized in manufacturing bulk medicine intermediates,some raw pharmaceuticals and more than 10 series of fine chemicals.MedicalChem gathers a group of technical professionals .And has establishedlong-term relationship with many authoritative research institutions and universities.The company has advanced analytical and testing apparatus such as HPLC ,GC,UV.All these entitle us to develop new chemicals successfully.We have acquired NQA UKS ISO9001 Certificate.The service motto of our company is:”Manufacture Elaborately ,Quality is most important ;Upgrade Continuously ,Produce Goodie; Serve Betimes,Content you Perdurely!"
            The company owns export?right and more than 90% of our products are exported to Germany,UK,Italy,Finland,Japan, America,India, and other countries and areas .All the products are favored by the clients .
            We welcome friends all around the world to cooperate with us.To struggle together for our mutual benefits and the win-win future.
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